Thursday, July 28, 2011

word of the day..... FRIEND

   Today I wish share some Loving thoughts, regarding my Friends. Before I do though, let's take a look at the word "Friend", and its definition.

World English Dictionary

friend  (frÉ›nd) 
— n
a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; an intimate

1. an acquaintance or associate
2. an ally in a fight or cause; supporter
3. a fellow member of a party, society, etc
4. a patron or supporter

   Now that we know how the Dictionary defines our " Word Of The Day ", let me share mine......

   As a person whose daily life is surrounded by: my HusbandChildren, & now only 1 Doggie, It's Obvious they are my Closest Friends.............. The word Husband says that for many of us........... The one you're most Intimate with......... The one who Shares your Dreams............. The one who makes you Smile at the oddest moments...........The word Children has its own variation........The ones that give you  Warm & Fuzzy feelings, throughout the day............ The ones that can be so Naughty, yet Hilarious at the same time............... The ones that Make Everything Glow when they spontaneously say " Mommy, you're my Best Friend "....... Yeah they certainly know what works !!! .......Than we have the word Dog.......... the most LoyalMagnanimousCompanion...........The one that Loves as a way of life............. The one who keeps your Exercise routine in check.......... The one who will Gladly Eat your leftovers and smile.............. Friends ???     Undeniably !!!

  As a person whose time is generally limited, the word Friend is described as ................. The one who Loves you as Family.............. The one who Understands your Craziness ........... The one who will Appreciate the 5 minutes, they get in a 2 hour phone call.......... The one who will Remember who you are, for you............. The one who will Motivate you & your Slothfulness............... The one who Encourage you when in a rut.............. The one who offers you a Helping Hand, without contemplation................. The one who will Inspire you naturally............ The one who will unceasingly, Entertain you............... The one whose Comfort is just what you need................ The one where Months or even Years may have Passed, yet time is of no matter............ The one who fills your heart with Pride, just for being that Wonderful Person in your Life...   " Tearing "

With all of that being said.....

     Wish to Thank all of my Friends... My Husband, My Children, My Doggies, My Brother, My Parents, My Grandparents, My Aunts & Uncles, My Cousins, My Nieces & Nephews, My In-laws, My Koumbares & Koumbarous, My Goddaughter & Soon to be Godson, My Godmother, My Ginger, & Every single one of my Friends!  

  If we:
  Laughed... Cried... Celebrated... Explored... & Shared... 

                                              I Thank You & I ♥ You
     Why not let a friend know? 

     Thank you for reading.....  Swanky Mama Xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 17th, The Circle Of Life

 March 17th,  The Circle Of Life!

 Happy St. Patricks Day......! 

Like many other people, I have so many memories of this date. What I find extra special, is just how many life changing events have occurred for me on this specific date. Let me share them, with you!

   In March 1998 my Bianka,  also known as Pretty Little Yellow Flower, was pregnant  with Puppies! She was due around the 2nd week of March. That same week I had vacation plans, heading to Miami for the WMC.  A fun party week , full of Good Music, Sun Shine and Eye Candy :) I felt bad knowing that my little girl would probably have her 1st litter while I was away. On the day that I was leaving I held her so closely , crying, &  telling her " please Bianka, try to wait until I get back . Please! "  :(  While in Miami I was calling to check up on her, multiple times throughout the day. I kept praying that she would  just hold on, for a little bit longer.......  Then the day came when I got back home. I couldn't run through the door fast enough......with a huge sigh of relief, she was still pregnant. I remember thinking how special  our bond was, that she could wait. I counted those days. She should have gone into labor while I was away, but Thank God she didn't!  Then a few hours after getting into bed we heard. "Wimp, wimp, wimp!" Looking over the bed, we saw Bianka with A HUGE SMILE on her face......., and this little round thing. I couldn't believe it. She REALLY did wait for mommy to come back. So in about 3 hours she gave birth to my Lucky 7 GrandPups!  Yes,  Bianka & Nikita , were the proud parents of 7 healthy puppies. All healthy, all so freaking Cute!  Yes the day had arrived, I was a proud grandmom :)  To my surprise, Nikita also know as, The Great White Squirrel Hunter. Was a great Daddy! He helped open all the sacks. I was advised to keep him away....., But what a Good Boy..!    I Love my Doggies.  

    On March 17th,  2002, I had work.  While at work Bartending, a few of my manager's Irish Friends stopped in. I Instantly noticed this Tall, Dark, and Handsome guy, wearing a very nice black leather jacket. He didn't look Irish, or local. Now I must say, at the time I was in a serious relationship. I wasn't the type to really get carried away, with attractive people. I could however acknowledge that, this man was visually pleasing.  As time had passed the crowd grew and this Pretty Girl walked in..... his Serious Girlfriend....! They were such a cute couple. I remember her sitting on his lap sideways and thinking..           " ahhhh, they're like ____ & I . How cute"..... I always had this innocent pride, for my relationship. I honestly felt so nice watching them, thinking of my boyfriend and I.  You see, when you find beauty  in your life, it's nice  being  able to recognize it.  Anyway....., you ask " what's the big deal about this day?" . Well, 2 years later my boyfriend and I suddenly separated..... 2 weeks after that , Tall,Dark, and Handsome, had a sudden separation!  Weird?   Maybe?   Serendipity?    Yes! ......  That my friends is how life gives you lemonade, when you've been given lemons.....  Two years later......... Mr & Mrs________!  :)   My innocent eyes, and heart brought me my, Tall Dark & Handsome Husband........ Yeahhhhhh!

   Last year on March 17th, 2010, the circle of life came to full circle. My husband, who was raised by his Mother and Grandmother, experienced loss for the 1st time...... Gram, after being sick in the hospital for days, had left her life on this earth. It was a very hard time. She always had medical issues, but she also had the strength and will to come home. Not this time. Heartbreak,  for the Entire family. Gram was now gone. The lovingly beautiful, fiesty , imperious, tender, little, tiny ,lady, was now at peace. The cool thing was ,that Gram was as IRISH as one can be. Very Religious, and very Proud of her roots. She left us on her Favorite day of the year, March 17th. St. Patricks day. With that being said Gram, May you rest peacefully , today and forever.......... Thank you for all of your LOVE!

     Once again I wish to Thank all of you, for reading. 
     Happy March 17th to everyone ,be it what ever it may be for you!
     Happy Birthday to my Grandpups, Happy Meeting to my Husband, & Happy thoughts to all who ever knew Gram!    

    Swanky Mama XOXO

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who would you choose?

Last night, my Husband and I, had our Movie night. We watched 2 movies. The 1st was a Thriller, "The Next Three Days"........ Starring: Russell Crowe & Elizabeth Banks. A great movie! My quick Description: A family separated by the mother's incarceration, due to a false accusation of her Bosses, Murder. Without getting into a lengthy review, this movie had me questioning myself and my priorities as a parent..... Worth seeing......

    The 2nd movie we watched was a, Romance Comedy, "Life As We Know It". Starring: Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl... Now in my opinion, this movie really is, worth watching!...... With a great cast, & many parental laughs!...... Quick description: A child is left to be cared for, by someone other than her parents.....  I don't wish to give it away:) 

    If you're a parent, you might find yourself questioning. What would happen to our child, or children in such a situation? Freighting , yet important. What would happen to them? My Husband and I both know this is something we should have arrangements for......Yet we both walk around the question. As if we are crossing the Thinnest Sheet of Ice! You see when it comes to your kids, who would be the most appropriate caretaker? 
Who will love them,  and accept them for who they are? 
Who will allow them to thrive in the best way possible? 
Who will put up with their tantrums?
  Especially with our daughter's, Autistic needs? 
Who would teach them about their Greek Culture? 
Who will take them to see where their mother's and father's favorite places are? 
Who will watch them grow slowly, yet ever so quickly into their adulthood years?
  I can mention at least 1000+ of these moments I wish to experience with my children! ..........Yet what would happen? 

   One thing I do know is this......
We all could only hope, that the person or persons we selected be the best choice we could have made.
    I feel very uneasy with these thoughts. Every so often, they do cross my mind......  Then I try to silence the negativity with love, and trust. I do my cross, and ask without words, for God to protect us, & our children....! We as parents will not always be on top of life's surprises, but when our hearts trust, we'll find the peace of mind, we need.  

   Even though these movies are very different from one another. They both are examples of, The Love we as Humans are so fortunate to experience....! 

                                Thank you for reading,
                                           Swanky Mama xoxo

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March to all of us!


  March is, Here!  I just Love the month of March, it just represents so many happy things....... The most obvious would be, that Winter is almost out, and Spring is positively only a few weeks away.... 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...... the joy, as the Earth warms up again............  Flowers  start sprouting from the land, and tiny little buds will slowly  blossom along the branches of trees, and shrubs.....   What Beauty!..................
Even the air , will have that clean crispy fragrance, that ever so gently tickles your nose. Birds will be chirping," tweet, tweet, houuuuu"!  Windows will be opened, as their curtains blow, in the gentlest breeze. mmmmmmmmm!    The sounds of the world, just coming out of hibernation..................................  
Those are some of March's, wonders.

Now these, are just some of its magical moments............

 -Daylight Savings Time, moves our hours forward as of March 13th 2011.
  We now know, we're definitely  getting more Sunshine, in our days. :)

 -St.  Patrick's Day, March 17th., is just the perfect excuse for letting loose. Why not enjoy, a nice Shot of Jameson Irish WhiskeyShh! 

- The Spring Equinox ,falls on March 20th this year..... it's then time, for New Beginnings! 

So....with all of that being said, I wish for all of you to have, the Greatest March Ever! 

Laughter = Love= Life=March:)

Thank you for following, 
                                                        Swanky Mama, xoxo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mommy, Ken is Cleaning!

  Earlier today, a friend of mine posted a picture, of her little girl playing. In the photo, she had Ken(Barbie's man) cleaning while the Princess was resting.
The post read,.......
"Enjoy it now because when he becomes ur husband it all changes :)" 
Needless to say all of the comments, read similarly. I, on the other hand couldn't agree with that.

    Coming from a home, where my mother, would Rewash the dishes, after you just did them. Left me as a clean freak myself. Though as time passed,having dogs, a man, and now kids, my own OCD, has taken a break. I sometimes feel lazy in comparison, to how I used to be. Things were just not clean unless the entire house smelled like Bleach. Not now though! now I've become that spoiled woman you hear about every so often.......

  You see, I have what many women envy, gig-gle! I can honestly say, that I'm blessed! My husband, is one of the few men, that Seriously know how to clean. He can put my mom to shame, and she's Greek! (Greek mom's love to clean!)
He will do everything, and anything in the house, if he goes on his cleaning spree. I will be running around, trying to keep up with him. Sometimes I'll stop to look around, and he'll have finished Everything in that room...So then, I'll have to try find Something, to feel as though, I'm doing, my part. Now there are certain cleaning duties that are 99% mine. Such as laundry,& dishes. That's nothing in comparison to all of the cleaning my friends must do on there own.
    So ladies, there are men out there that clean.... you just have to either get lucky, like I did, or train them yourself! Let's not forget, that as mothers, it's now our duty, to teach our boys, one of the many skills women appreciate.....

Please feel free to comment on this post, or ask any questions.....

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                            Swanky Mama, xoxo  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new project.

Hi everyone,
I would like to begin with saying thanks for reading this. I've been working on this for a few days now. I've been sneaking in every free min. I get, trying to put this blog together. Being that's me trying to hide in another room from my babies. My little ones are awesome! The truth is, they seriously keep me Busy! Even if I try to use the computer,........ they come right UP  behind me, sometimes on Top of me, then reach over and start keying in whatever key they reach......It gets very frustrating, don't they know mommy is trying to do something other then,yell @ them" GET DOWN!"....... I can't really blame them. Why not climb all over me, as though I am the jungle gym @ home....... My kids might annoy me multiple times a day, but almost everything they do, is something I've either done or would think of doing myself...... at their age.
So how can I possible be bothered? How can I seriously put them in the timeouts, which I do, when I understand their reasoning. The headache gets stronger,.. the crying louder! ...."Mommy No, No timeout, I'm sorry Mommy!".. Then...... " I need a HUG, mommy", I wait....Then the reasoning of why, I had to put them in the time out, yet again. My point, YEahhhhh, I finally finished the set up of this Blog for now.  Please feel free to ask me anything you like. I look forward to bonding with all of you......
                                                                                Swanky Mama     Xoxo