Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who would you choose?

Last night, my Husband and I, had our Movie night. We watched 2 movies. The 1st was a Thriller, "The Next Three Days"........ Starring: Russell Crowe & Elizabeth Banks. A great movie! My quick Description: A family separated by the mother's incarceration, due to a false accusation of her Bosses, Murder. Without getting into a lengthy review, this movie had me questioning myself and my priorities as a parent..... Worth seeing......

    The 2nd movie we watched was a, Romance Comedy, "Life As We Know It". Starring: Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl... Now in my opinion, this movie really is, worth watching!...... With a great cast, & many parental laughs!...... Quick description: A child is left to be cared for, by someone other than her parents.....  I don't wish to give it away:) 

    If you're a parent, you might find yourself questioning. What would happen to our child, or children in such a situation? Freighting , yet important. What would happen to them? My Husband and I both know this is something we should have arrangements for......Yet we both walk around the question. As if we are crossing the Thinnest Sheet of Ice! You see when it comes to your kids, who would be the most appropriate caretaker? 
Who will love them,  and accept them for who they are? 
Who will allow them to thrive in the best way possible? 
Who will put up with their tantrums?
  Especially with our daughter's, Autistic needs? 
Who would teach them about their Greek Culture? 
Who will take them to see where their mother's and father's favorite places are? 
Who will watch them grow slowly, yet ever so quickly into their adulthood years?
  I can mention at least 1000+ of these moments I wish to experience with my children! ..........Yet what would happen? 

   One thing I do know is this......
We all could only hope, that the person or persons we selected be the best choice we could have made.
    I feel very uneasy with these thoughts. Every so often, they do cross my mind......  Then I try to silence the negativity with love, and trust. I do my cross, and ask without words, for God to protect us, & our children....! We as parents will not always be on top of life's surprises, but when our hearts trust, we'll find the peace of mind, we need.  

   Even though these movies are very different from one another. They both are examples of, The Love we as Humans are so fortunate to experience....! 

                                Thank you for reading,
                                           Swanky Mama xoxo


  1. I watched "Life as we know it." I absolutely loved it. I don't have kids, however, I could only imagine how difficult of a decision that would be. I feel as if there are so many emotional factors but also financial...I don't know I often think about this myself, being a very proud aunt. I know my life would drastically change, but to watch my nieces and nephews fall into the hands of a stranger would keep me up at night. I remember watching one of them for a few days while mommy and daddy were getting it "together." I kept a cool composure, but as anyone else I was nervous about doing everything right. When it came time for the drop off, and head out for a night of my single life... It just didn't feel right. The entire time I was out, I was wondering if the squirt pooped, The poor thing hadn't for almost 2 days, and I was worried. I found myself wanting to call and ask and feeling guilty for being out. Everyone around me was talking about who's hot and not...etc...And all I was thinking about was squirt... Thats when it became clear to me, as much as I love my freedom, expensive dinners and dirty dancing, I could give it up bc i care more about my nieces and nephews pooping than talking to the random shmuck at the bar about how pretty my..uhh...purse is! :D

  2. I love that! Thanks for sharing!
    Kisses to all of your Squirts.....
    Swanky Mama xoxo